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    Mortgage Checklist

    Mortgage Checklist

    Applies to Purchases and Refinances

    (not Government Loans)
    • Most recent one full month’s paystubs
    • Two Years W-2’s
    • Most recent two years signed Personal Tax Returns (All pages including 1099’s and K1’s)
    • Most recent two years signed Business Tax Returns and Year to Date Profit and Loss Statement if Applicable (All pages)
    • Most recent Bank/Investment/Retirement statements for last 2 months or previous quarter (All pages)
    • Copy of Driver’s License
    • If you are retired, proof of retirement/social security income (Benefit Statement and two months Bank Statements showing retirement/social security deposit)
    • If purchase, sales contract and a copy of Earnest Money check
    • Appraisal payment to LifeStore Bank. After reviewing early loan application disclosures, you can submit the appraisal fee authorization for payment with your signed Intent to Proceed form.
    • If you currently own real estate:
      • Current Mortgage Statements
      • Homeowner’s Insurance Policy information
      • Property Tax bills


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